The Easy Way to Track and Manage Fleet Maintenance

Use our exclusive online fleet tracking system to monitor and manage all the details of your fleet maintenance program. Log in anytime for instant access to your vehicle maintenance history, service status, work orders and invoices. You can even initiate estimates, approve work and schedule service.

FLEETracker™ is the easier, faster and smarter way to manage your fleet maintenance program.

  • Access real-time information 24 hours a day
  • Customize maintenance schedules and services to fit the specific needs of each vehicle in your fleet
  • Get electronic reminders of upcoming PM services
  • Stay in compliance with advance notice of DOT expirations
  • Request and approve estimates online
  • View maintenance schedules and service labor history
    • Receive electronic invoices
    • Check the progress of your vehicle throughout the repair process

With FLEETracker, you can be confident your vehicles are getting the right maintenance to keep your fleet, and your business, moving forward.


Don’t have an account? Well we can help you with that. Call us at 651-639-2281 for more information.


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